Home floor sanding of an existing floor is probably one of the most sustainable flooring options.

Using and improving what you already have is one of the best ways to ensure your home and lifestyle are as sustainable as possible. 

There are other sustainable options for your flooring available though, so read on to find out more about them.

Carpets made out of recycled plastic

These were launched a couple of years ago and are proving popular. Using recycled plastic bottles in carpet manufacture is probably one of the best ways to keep plastic out of landfill for as long as possible. No, it isn’t going to keep it out for ever, but it will mean that plastic will stay out of landfill a decade or two longer than if it had been just put into the manufacture of yet another plastic bottle.

These recycled carpets are hardwearing and are perfect not only for homes but for offices and workspaces.


While wine corks have gone out of fashion, cork flooring is having a renaissance. The product is sustainable as it is made from the bark of a tree that can be harvested again and again when it grows back. This means that the manufacture of cork encourages forestation, not only now but in the future. The carbon footprint is low as a result.

Though 80s cork flooring may not be popular there is now flooring available that is designed to look like wooden flooring or even tiling. ‘Classic’ looks are still available though, if you desire.

There are a number of advantages to cork:

It is a great heat insulator

This is much warmer to walk on than tiles and even wood.

It is a great sound insulator

Perfect for children’s spaces, the bang, bang, bang of tiny feet is well muffled by cork.

It is non-slip

Again, this is perfect for older people who may be more at risk of falls.

Resistant to water

This is suitable where wood may not be due to water, such as a bathroom. It will need to be sealed but this is simple and cheap to do.


It is soft but it is still very hardwearing, maybe more so than wood.


Wooden floors are classic, and we love them. To ensure your wooden floors are as sustainable as possible you need to consider either getting your wooden boards from a sustainable source or getting recycled floorboards for your home.

Different sealants have different environmental impacts as well with beeswax having very little, though some polishes and varnishes may be harmful.


. People are using bamboo to replace everything from cotton and wood through to plastic. But what about flooring? Bamboo flooring is a great idea if you want a very hardwearing substance.

Its sustainability is due to the fact it is a fast renewing resource as it regrows to a harvestable level every five years making it perfect for our planets beleaguered atmosphere. No deforestation was caused by the growing of your floor!

Carbonised strand bamboo flooring can be made to look like wooden flooring.

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