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Mitchell Flooring has a wealth of experience in sanding domestic hardwood and softwood floors, parquet and timber flooring, from 17th century Northumberland farm houses to contemporary apartments.


Mitchell Flooring has over 30 years experience providing the commercial sector with our premier service in the refurbishment and maintenance of timber and Granwood flooring.

Case Studies

A range of unique case studies, from home to business. Take a look at some of our floor sanding success stories.

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7 Top Tips For Choosing The Right Hardwood Floor Colour

Refurbishing and renovating your home is a very exciting endeavour indeed – and you may well be surprised at how even the smallest changes can make your house feel like new. But if you’ve completed all the quick wins and want to tackle a bigger job, what about... read more

How To Identify (And Deal With) Damp In Floorboards

When renovating an older house it’s first worthwhile taking stock of the condition of your flooring before employing floor sanding specialists, especially for any signs of distress hidden or disguised by the previous owners. These tips, from Real Homes, look... read more

Sports Hall Gymnasium Refurbishment

Recently, Mitchell Flooring were asked to come and provide a survey of a school gymnasium hall as poor previous maintenance work was causing the seal to delaminate from the floor, effecting the playing surface. This can happen due to a few different reasons however it... read more

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